Writing in Russian

I have decided that I now want add writing on a regular basis to my growing Russian skills. I am considering writing an English phrase on the left hand page of a notebook with the Russian translation on the right hand page, to create a kind of parallel text. Then I can test myself by covering up the Russian to see if I can translate from the English into Russian.
Although, in a sense,this is a secondary purpose to my main one of writing out the Russian phrases. How have you approached the task of writing in Russian?

Russian and English are not phonetical languages, that’s why especially in these languages writing could be a very useful exercise.
But put the attention to the dact that the patterns in both languages are often quite diffedrent and we shouldn’t translate them word by word, for instance: I have- У меня есть; My name is- Меня зовут; There is a table in the room- В комнате есть стол; I’m hot- Мне жарко etc.

Thanks for the thumbs up on writing. I realise that a word for word translation is not possible, having used Google translate for the last five months! However, I don’t plan to translate the phrases myself, but to use Russian phrases that have already been translated into English. For example from 50languages English UK - Russian for beginners  |  People = Люди  |  . This website has the Russian and English translation together with audio. I have downloaded the whole 100 audio files onto my MP3 player, so I can listen, read and write out all the phrases, as well.