Writing corrections and points

How does the system for getting points from corrections work? I have made some corrections but I don’t see any points in my account.

@josemaria92000 - The person who submitted the request is able to choose who they will award points to. Points can be awarded to a single user or to multiple users.

When I go to “Exchange-My Requests”, in the last column of my corrected requests I see some numbers. Are they points? Sorry but I’m new with the system and I still don’t know well how it works.

@josemaria92000 - That’s correct. We are continuing to improve this page and will make this clearer in a future update.

Does anybody submit anything for correction during last weeks? In the beginning of June there were something. I’ve even made a correction. But I have no idea where can I find now anythingnew for correction, just that old single correction I’ve made.

@Ress - The best way to find Open requests on the Exhange page is to use the filters on the left hand side including the language filter for the language that you would like to correct. If you deselect all filters and then choose Open Requests only, you should see any requests still waiting for a response.

Thank you