Writing correction and signing up problem

I posted a text for correction under „Submit writing“ to TroisRoyaumes yesterday. Points were deducted. BTW word count does not work for Chinese, it counts parts of sentences not word, so tutors don’t get paid appropriately unless the student inserts blanks to increase the number of words.
My tutor wrote that there was no notification and that the text couldn’t be corrected because the correction button doesn’t work.
also I signed up for a conversation last night. Today it has disappeared. It says „Lesson 1 unscheduled“ again.

One more thing: how can I gift points to a tutor who alteady had a conversation with me when the signing up didn’t work?

When I click into the desired 30-minute slot (e.g. 7:30-8:00), it does not show the time (this is on a PC/Chrome). I see the time I have signed up for only after reserving the time. Although there should be slots e.g. from 6:00-8:00 (for Chinese), there are only 3 slots in 2 hours that can be made green. The green slot does not match the lines of the time table. By clicking into another blue slot and holding, drawing downwards time appears; and then I can see that there are actually 4 slots of 30 minutes. Time should be visible in the green slot immediately, otherwise the student might choose the wrong slot. I checked with another language (French) and found 4 30-minute slots in 2 hours. Otherwise it was the same: slots don’t match lines of the time table.
Also I could not extend the duration to more than 30 minutes if I wanted to. If I draw the cursor over a longer period I can see the time, e.g. 7:00-8:00, but when I release only the first slot turns green. Does this mean you have to sign up for each 30-minute slot separately?

Thanks for the info on Chinese writing correction. We will get that fixed. We will check into the notifications for that as well. The correction button should work just like it did before but the text to be corrected has to be selected first. If this isn’t working, please ask your tutor to write in to support with details of his browser and we will try to figure out what is happening there.
When you signed for a conversation time, after selecting the time, please make sure to click the Book Conversation button on the right hand side to actually book it. It looks like you didn’t do this so your conversation was not actually booked. It is set up like this because you could be booking multiple events and then completing your booking at the end.
Regarding the choosing of slots, we will try to make the times show up more easily but you do have the numbers in the table to go by. You can then see the result after and change it. Regarding the half hour selection, if you have selected to book a 30 minute conversation, you will only be able to choose 30 minute slots in the calendar. To book a longer slot, you would have had to select a longer duration.

Thank you, your explanation as to how to book a conversation helped. I had mistaken “Reserve Time” for actually booking the conversation.
One other question I was referring to: how can I gift points to a tutor for a conversation we had when it was not possible to sign up? Of course I can sign up for an extra conversation without actually having it. Any chance that “gifting points” will become possible again, though?

There is one more problem concerning conversation reports. On July 29 I sent 2 reports to a student. After checking the list in My Activities I found the reports were missing (previously sent reports were still there: Conversation Report SENT). If I had realized that I had made a mistake in the report or wanted to add something, it would not have been possible. What about future reports I will prepare and send?
Conversation #146881 (for June 21)
Conversation #146804 (for June 10)

My tutor did not receive notification of my booked conversation. The tutor found my request in My Activities after I had told her about my successful booking.

Still waiting for improvements of the writing correction page. Scrolling up and down for every correction can’t work for many tutors.

For now, if you need to transfer points to another user, email us at support. We will look into bringing gifting points back somehow.

That’s strange your tutor wasn’t notified. Those emails are being sent. Could your tutor have unsubscribed from our emails? Do they get other emails from us?

Yes, there are improvements to the writing correction form that will be coming.

Thank you, I will let you know.

As for Writing Exchange I tried this out with a short Chinese text. One tutor, NancyQian corrected it, but the corrected version is only partly visible if I minimize the size of the letters, however it is still incomplete. When I tried to import it, I got the original faulty text in the lesson.
TroisRoyaumes also corrected the text, which I had reposted, split into separate words. This time the whole correction was visible. On importing I got the original text again in the lesson. This time I was able to copy and paste the correction into the lesson.

Those sent reports should still be in your My Activities list. Have you tried using the filters in the sidebar to filter out corrected writing as a tutor? It may just be the date that is getting mixed up.

I checked later and did get a conversation request email. I thought I would, like in the past, receive news notifications with a red number on top of the page.

I have just tried to use the filters:
Conversation - Reported (=SENT) - German
For one student reports SENTcome up in the right order up to June 3. The next visible reports for June 28 and later are still DUE. The ones I sent last Sunday are gone.
For another student reports for July 21 and July 28 are no longer in the list. I can see the last report sent before the update (July 7) but not the next two (July 21 and July 28), which I sent on the day of the conversation.

Yes, that should still be happening. It looks like some of those notifications and emails are still not being sent but we are looking into it.

Ok, thanks. I will forward that info to our team so they can figure out what is happening there.

Thanks, Alleray. I see both those issues. We will get them fixed.

Can you check that Chinese correction to see if that issue has been resolved?

Notifications should be improved now. Please let us know if you see any more issues there.

Are you able to find these reports now?

Yes, I received the corrected version and was able to import it.

Yes, they are in the list now. Thank you.

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