Writing Chinese texts in my lessons

General questions about writing Chinese texts in my lessons:

I wonder if I can tabulate the text? It’s spoken language I’m
writing down (a lot of dialogues), so I want to tabulate after each person’s name that says something.

And can I increase the text size? I tried in Firefox but the text remained the same size as before while the title and description changed size when I changed in the webbrowser.

Also, how do I delete a text/course? I know how to archive it, but not how to delete it.

Finally, when I write in Chinese, the text becomes quite small and not so easy to read. Is there any way to increase the text size? Or can I use other fonts that display the text more clearly? For example, when I wrote leng3 (cold), when displayed first the character seemed alright but when finally displayed on the screen it was beyond recognition. Do I need a better Chinese font?

If anyone has any suggestions what to do, please let me know.


For now, we can only archive content, but I read in another thread that they’re working on a delete function.

As for writing Chinese, is it written assignments you’re talking about? It was a while since I wrote something. The text field in the import section allows quite a bit of formatting; it may even be so that the most of the formatting is kept if you happen to copy content straight from Word or similar.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to enable this there as well.

I don’t really understand what you’re trying to do Fredrik. Are you listening to dialogues and then trying to transcribe them in the Import section? The Import section is not really designed for this. It is meant as a place to cut and paste and import lessons to study.

If you want to transcribe something, I suggest using a word processor like Word.

You can’t delete courses and we have no plans to introduce this. We will shortly be adding the delete functionality to the Lesson list page.

No, I’m not transcribing anything. An example:

Jeff: What are you doing?
Annie: I’m going to the post office.

The text is from text books, and it’s all dialogues.
So I want to tabulate after I’ve written “Jeff:” to ‘W’ in “What…”
It’s a lot of tabulations, so it would really ease up the writing.

I must admit I’m totally confused as to what you are doing. If you are looking to perform complex actions with your texts, I recommend a word processor. The Import page is for the basic cutting and pasting of text and importing it into LingQ so you can study or share it.

Fredrik, are you saying that you’re copying dialogues from a Chinese textbook (for later study)?

If so, one thing that could save some trouble is to try write just one letter for the person speaking (J, A et.c. or just the one of the names) - that way, the sentences would probably line up a bit better (because Chinese characters have fixed spaces, right?).

Something similar to this perhaps?
梁: 李,你好!
李: 梁,怎么样?

However, I still recommend writing everything in Word or similar first, and then pasting it. It could work.