Writing and listening daily goals

Is there a way to achieve my daily writing and speaking goals using this app?

As an expert in YOUR writing and speaking goals, I’d say definitely there isn’t. It’s impossible.


If you mean goals as in ‘how much time I spend doing these activities’, yes, sort of. If you mean ‘help me to become fluent’, not really.

If you take part in the writing exchange on the app it automatically logs the number of words written. If you write outside the app you can manually add the number of words you have written.
Same with speaking; you can arrange lessons with tutors inside the app and it (I believe, but I haven’t tried it) should automatically log the time spent. Otherwise, you can manually log any time in the app.

This is just for tracking purposes though, as in tracking time spent against time goals.

In terms of actual improvements, I’d say you will do this outside LingQ. This app is all about input. The writing exchange can be useful if you want native speakers to correct your writing, but for speaking I’d recommend Italki.


Thank you for your help

Thank you for answering