Writing a blog, recording videos... what about studying languages?

Some of my LingQ friends or “fans” recently told me I should resume posting on my blog in all the languages I know or am studying, and record some videos on Youtube. I have a few doubts, especially about Youtube, since:

  1. it was difficult to accept the idea of making my recorded voice available worldwide (on LingQ), and recording a video showing my face would be still more difficult to accept;
  2. I have no idea of where to start, what to talk about without saying always the same few things;
  3. I fear that, if I start recording videos and writing blog posts, I would have little or no time for my LingQ activities (studying, tutoring and creating some lessons from time to time).
    Any useful suggestions?
    Thank you and happy Easter,

Do what you want to do, not what others want you to do. :wink:

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!

I mean, I would love to be able to keep a multilingual blog (I always lack constance… my LingQ diary in Italian suffered the same destiny) and I know that, if I uploaded videos on Youtube, more people would know me. But I’m not sure of what to do and where to start from!

If you feel like to start doing so, why not?

@mikebond: “I fear that, if I start recording videos and writing blog posts, I would have little or no time for my LingQ activities (studying, tutoring and creating some lessons from time to time).”

If it’s something you want to do and feel it’ll help, just do it. I can’t really see myself sitting in front of a webcam and talking, but I do keep a blog. My blog is for me, though. I use it to keep track of my own progress and any problems or progress I’m experiencing, or any other thoughts I have. It’s really more of a journal than anything I have to say to the world - there are many people out there that are better equipped to do that than I am. So it’s for me. If someone gets anything from it, that’s great, but that’s not why I write.

In any case, if you make it part of your own learning process, it can only help.


@mikebond “…showing my face would be still more difficult to accept”
you don’t have to. just voice “videos” would be fine if you don’t like to be on camera (for some weird reason I really don’t understand, I never show my face online)

“Any useful suggestions?”
I don’t know if it is useful or not but:
“Preparing texts in order to get as much repetition with the words and phrases before actually recording. Then asking for feedback.”

Thanks for the answers I have received so far.

@hrhenry: the main reason why I am considering resuming my blog and making videos is to get more people to know me and turn to me for translations or tutoring. Of course, writing a blog would be beneficial to me as well, provided that I managed to update it regularly.

@2tmp: I do show my face in photos online, but recording my face while I speak is different. I have no idea of how to make voice-only videos… Anyway, I would try recording some if I found the inspiration.

2tmp, great video. What is the name of your channel?

@mikebond si usas el sistema operativo windows puedes hacerlo muy facilmente con programas como “windows movie maker”. se encuentran muchisimos tutoriales del mismo en linea y, a decir verdad, es bastante sencillo de manejar comparado con otros programas de edicion de talla mas profesional… desafortunadamente no estoy muy al tanto de programas similares para mac o linux, mas supongo que para mac pueden haber programas aun mas sencillos y que para linux deben haber un monton de opciones de software libre. en cuanto a lo de la inspiracion, err… no conozco ningun programa de computador que ayude, sowy :stuck_out_tongue:

@steve err… en el momento no tengo ningun video en “modo publico” y ciertamente los que he subido no poseen la calidad del video en ruso de RickyRuffcutt. tal vez en un futuro me anime a hacer publicos uno que otro par de videos de “seguimiento de progreso”, mas por el momento lo veo como “complicado” xD…

Gracias por las explicaciones. :slight_smile: Sí, uso Windows.