Write and speak requirement to complete 90 day challenge

hello, i have been trying to search for answers, i need to earn writing and speaking credits to complete a 90 day challenge. I cannot find an answer to this query when i use the search feature…can anyone help?

You can check your stats and challenge targets on the Challenges page: LingQ Challenges
Just click to open your active challenge and you will be able to see your progress and targets on the right.

yes, i understand how to check my stats for the challenge…what I am not clear on is how do i earn points, or credits for writing and speaking. I did find on the exchange page directions for signing up with skype, but I did not see clear directions on how to submit writing samples, or how to earn points for writing. Also, during my search, I discovered that my points are redeemable in cash, and that they expire after 90 days…how do I cash out a portion of these points before they expire?

Please visit the Speak help page: Tutor Help
and Write help page for detailed instructions: Write Help

Yes, you can convert your points to cash when you have minimum 10.000 points. To convert them to cash contact us with that request on support(at)lingq.com

gracias Zoran

please tell me how to convert points to cash…

You can convert points to cash once when you have minimum 10,000 points on your account. To convert them send your request to support(at)lingq.com

"support@lingq.com doesn’t work…it brings me to the usual Lingq page that i use everyday…and there is little or no support there for finding out how to redeem points for cash…please ask steve to make it easy on you, me, and others who are interested in taking advantage of this “cash for points deal”…Ask him to CLEARLY post step by step instructions on how to redeem points for cash. Por Favor…Gracias!

support(at)lingq.com is actually our support email. What I meant to say is that all you need to do to convert your points to cash is to send us an email with that request to support(at)lingq.com and witnin a few days your points will be converted to cash.

please listen CAREFULLY…as i have said, i have already clicked on the link you sent me for “support”…and I have entered the address “support@lingq.com” using my phone and my computer…and i do not get support…no SUPPORT…please ask steve to post easy to understand directions on how to covert points to dinero…it would be nice if he could do the same for submitting writing samples and speaking samples…it is easy to fix…it only takes an honest effort to guide others on how to submit requests for compensation for redeeming points for cash, for submitting writing samples, and for submitting speaking samples…it is not hard…it only takes CLEAR, STEP BY STEP directions on how to do these things, posted in an obvious place…gracias tambien

support(at)lingq.com is not a link, and you don’t need or can to click on it. It’s our customer support email and all points cash out requests are also submitted on that email.
If you are unsure how to send an email, please use “Need Help” widget on the botton right on the site, and there you will find “Contact Support” option too.
Hope this helps.

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