Wouldn't it be cool to know the most common unknown word within a course?

I’m currently doing a course on a 600 page novel that has 20,000 separate words. It’s about 125 Lingq lessons. I’m about 1/3 of the way through and have about 5800 new words remaining. Wouldn’t it be cool to see, for example, which unknown words appear multiple times, which are the most common/most frequent new words, and how many appear only once? That would give us a clue what vocabulary is worth learning for this book/ course, and which words we probably won’t learn because they only appear once or twice.

I know Lingq assigns words points but I’m not sure how to see that-- maybe on Vocabulary tab?


It would be pretty awesome to be able to export out a frequency list from a course. If this feature already exists, just ignore me :slight_smile:

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Good ides

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. We’ll see what we can do about it in the future updates.

This was actually already possible in the vocabulary section. We can filter lingqs by course and then sort by importance. Most people probably don’t know that they can do this which I guess is the problem.


Hmm, I didn’t know! But I tried, selecting a course and for some reason the vocabulary wouldn’t populate, so I didnt really get a chance to try it out.

I see you can sort by importance, that’s really great. But i dont think you can sort by frequency.

Importance is based on frequency I think, but frequency within the entire LingQ library and not within the course specifically. It would be nice to get it course specific but I guess that’s not going to happen. Are you into programming? It would be possible to write a small code to do what you want using the LingQ API. I have done some stuff like this before.