Would like to drill LingQs without changing their status

Hello folks,

I’d like to be able to do extra, voluntary exercises involving my saved LingQs, beyond the daily drills sent to my smart phone, without the LingQs’ status changing. In other words, I’d to spend an extra bit of spare time here or there working on the LingQs without the likelihood of them coming up in future, system-generated exercises being reduced.

Does that make sense? In other words, doing extra Cards, Cloze, Dictation and Multiple choice exercises on the website means the words I focus on are less likely to crop up over the long-term, which is where I’m lead to believe the memory-retention really happens.

Cheers, Steve

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Whenever I do the flash cards, I just scroll through them with the arrows on my keyboard rather than saying that I “Got it” or not.


I don’t check on the created LingQs or exercise on the vocabulary tabs. Because I think that if the word is really important and used by the natives too often, then I’ll probably see it again in an another lesson.

But the main reason is that I don’t like the flashcards, quizes, questions etc. I also hate the puzzles, puzzle books… and the flashcards remind me them.

Flashcards are more important for advanced levels

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Brilliant! Just what I needed, cheers.

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