Would it be possible to make the audio bar thing a bit bigger?

Im referring to the bar that gradually moves from left to right as the audio plays. When your trying to listen to a sentence repeatedly until you understand it its quite difficult to do so cos the bar is quite small which restricts how accurately you can backtrack.

It would be a lot easier if the bar was bigger and maybe even had some sort of scale on it.


Have you tried clicking the 10 second rewind button to the left of the Play/Pause button. That is why it was implemented.

Yeah thats useful but 10 secs is quite a long time and it would be easier if you could just backtrack on a bigger bar

or if you could jump back 2 or 5 secs

We have no plans for anything like this but appreciate the suggestions. In the meantime, I recommend playing your audio files on an external player like Windows Media Player or Quicktime for more playing functionality.