Would- could- should

What is the difference between ‘would-could-should’?
How can we use these words?
Some answers you can find in my inteview with Adrian ‘WOULD-COULD-SHOULD’:

This interview is one of my Interviews with the native English speakers from the collection ‘English Grammar and Vocabulary’. You can find there such topics like:
To be and to get,
to do and to make,
About the English Tenses,
To speak-to say-to tell- to talk,
Like and as,
High- tall-big,
To stop- to cease- to finish- to end,
How to organize the text,
Punctuation in English,
About Conditionals,
to suit- to fit- to match
and some other interesting conversations about English Grammar and Vocabulary.

Our new interview tells about the difference between ‘TO RAISE, TO LIFT, TO PUT UP and TO PICK UP’.
If you are not sure what the differnce is between these words, you can read and listen to out interview: