Worth getting the Christmas gift for myself?

I plan on studying here on lingq for at least another 12 months, almost certainly longer!
Is it worth getting the Christmas gift for myself from an economically stand point?
Can I even do that? Is it possible to gift it to myself?
Also I heard that prices on lingq will be increasing after new year. Will this affect us who are already subscribed to lingq premium?

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Interested in knowing. More than 10$ a month will be too much. Don’t lose faithful customers please.

If you want to get our special offer and get annual LingQ membership for $99, you can get it here:

New prices were already introduced on December 15th, however price changes won’t affect members who are on Premium membership already, they will continue paying same old price of as long as they are subscribed.

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So if my subscription ends and then I start it again it will be the new and higher price as i understand it, correct?
Also what happens if i buy that christmas thing, will i have the higher price after then?

I’m afraid so. If you downgrade, you will then have to pay the new price when you upgrade next. The same thing would happen if you switch to the annual deal https://www.lingq.com/en/accounts/subscription/basic_2018/12/christmas2018/ and then go back to paying monthly. We have no way of maintaining that price once the original subscription has been changed.

Thanks for the help mark. looks like i will stay on the basic subscription for a long while then :slight_smile: