World Track and Field Championships in Berlin

The competition is running from August 15th through the 23rd. I have just watched the final race of Women 10000M on the internet. It was fun.

I was crazy about running when I was young, but now five minutes slow job is enough. (sigh) I’m impressed that all runners was keeping high pace from the beginning to the finish. African runners always show their unbelievable running.

The last one, 142cm high Japanese runner, is cute. She looks like 10 years girl. She jumped into the big stuffed bear after the race.

I can wait to watch the men’s 100M race!

Any watcher?

Jamaican Usain Bolt set a new world in the 100M ! It’s 9.58 seconds!
He did a great job in Berlin as well as the Beijing Olympic. He is an amazing guy!

Today, I’ll look for this news in many sites and import articles to LingQ personally. It must be fun, because I like the track and field. And I’ll write something about it and submit my writing.

What’s next in Berlin?

Oh, ya! I watched about the 142cm-Japanese-girl on the news, and it was really lovely. I found the movie on youtube. It made me smile although I knew what would happen.