World Cup

I’m amazed at how Germany always do well in the tournaments.

A very pleasant World Cup so far, lots of goals, good matches, and France has won its first match! Hadn’t occurred since 1998!

4-0 for Germany…what a match :slight_smile:


4 goals - congratulations.

Normally it’s only that emphatic when there are phantom goals…hm…eh? :smiley:

I know the English are still hung up on that Lampard shot from the last World Cup which they say went in, but here is photographic proof that it didn’t.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

I was reminded of Count Sproey von Weytzentrenner’s comment on an earlier world cup

Ze victory off Cherrmeny iz in-eviddbl! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, now let’s see, when was the last time that Scotland made it to the World Cup finals…?


I’m an American. I have all the papers to prove it, and they are mostly legit!

I’m spiritually American - I’m just one who still has a sentimental attachment to King George, so to speak. (Or maybe that’s a contradiction in terms? :-o)

I would kind of love it if Klinsmann’s boys shock Deutschland :slight_smile:


That would make you Canadian.

@ Davidjvl

No need for insults!

@Prinz: No way on earth. Our midfield and possession is atrocious! We squeaked by Ghana, but I don’t think the European and South American teams will be so forgiving to such poor touches.

Not sure why Canada is getting insulted in this discussion…although I guess if we’re rated 432nd in the world, we deserve it…! :slight_smile:

Hopefully, you will all suit up your avatars in the new World Cup colours!

Germany-Portugal 4-0 ??? Way to go Germany !! But too bad that Nigeria hasn’t defeated Iran( not to mention that what they played in the second half can barely be called football ).

I hope Algeria will beat Belgium to a pulp today.

Congrats to Chili! Kicking out Spain is quite impressive…

“I hope Algeria will beat Belgium to a pulp today.”

Well, sometimes hope is the first step on the road to disappointment

The team that impressed me most has disappeared - Team of West Germany really looked great running around in their black shirts and was efficient, too; the present German team looks like a group of kids.

And here I was ready to give a rose to your comment but you had to add that hope thing.
Anyways one of my wishes regarding this world cup has come true ( vaya con Dios España ! ). Also it’s a shame that Korea hasn’t won against Russia .

Sorry to say this Jay but I don’t think that England will win today.

Why, before the match, do they force us to watch each player folding their arms?

That buck-toothed b*stard does it again! :-0

(A quality striker, though, in all fairness.)

Don’t be angry Jay , Uruguay deserved to win.

Wow, Uruguay’s best goalkeeper from 2010 has suddenly become their best striker. Anyway, England still have a decent chance.