Work with touch screen

Is anybody able to get this to work with a touch screen? I can click on an individual word to create a link, but when I try and select multiple words it is selecting the text but link isn’t registering it in the program. it works with a touch pad, but not a touch screen. Can anybody help?

What device are you using? Are you on app or web version?

Hi, sorry for the delay. It is a microsoft surface (11? I think, new one) and using the web version (there’s no windows app?).

I have encountered the same issue on my laptop with touchscreen, on the browser version of LingQ. Individual words can be LingQed, but trying to drag over several words results in a text selection, rather than a LingQed phrase. It’s always been my impression that it’s to do with Windows and how it handles touch input - but perhaps there is some way of making it work on LingQ’s part?

If you have a keyboard, one solution is to tap the first word (dismiss the popup/widget if it’s in the way), then hold shift and tap the final word of the phrase.

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Screenshot to show what it looks like (on my touchscreen).

Fabbol below also describes the same problem. With a useful screenshot!

Is this not being answered? I have the exact same problem on my HP Pavilion touch. I have a separate problem accessing highlighted texts, so I’ll raise that in another post.

I’ll ask our team what’s the status here. Thanks.

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