Work not being saved?

I am having a problem with a new lesson at the moment. The lingqs I make are not being saved. Next time I log on, the yellow words I had created are blue again! I started all over twice. Could it be the browser I am using? Please help!..
Also when creating a lingq the words do not display properly on the right hand column, sometimes only the first letter of the word is displayed. It is Arabic script but I wasn’t having this problem before.
Many thanks for your help!

@Zahra15 - Since Arabic is not a supported language, we won’t be able to spend time fixing issues specific to Arabic. Regarding this issue, if it happens with just this lesson then I might recommend taking a look at the formatting of the text to see if there is any way to edit the lesson text to make it work better.

Many thanks for the suggestion. I’ve noticed that it works better when I don’t type the vowels. But is it possible to edit the text of the lesson if the lesson is not my own? Thank you

What you might want to try is either contacting the uploader and asking them to edit the text or copying and pasting the lesson text into your own private lesson.

thank you!


Yeah,the LingQ system cannot handle with the vowels. so you must import text without vowels.

I will be happy the day when the technician find time to find a solution.

But Arabic is (at the moment) only a beta language and there are only a few tutors and students.
As long this technical problem exists, I think it is not attractive for new learners.
as I already reported, there is a vicious circle.

We need patience.


Thank you Jolanda for your post. You are perfectly right re: technical problem makes it unattractive to new learners.

It is worth mentioning that a beginner cannot read Arabic script if the vowels are not written (vowels are diacritical marks above and under the letters)
It wasn’t a problem for me because I need to learn how to read without vowels, so Lingq is helpful for that, but for a beginner unfortunately they wouldn’t be able to derive much benefit. Text with vowels cannot be lingqed, it cannot be saved properly.

Is there a chance you would be able to fix that problem in the future? Arabic is a popular language and I am sure there would be many more subscribers if beginners could use lingq to learn Arabic.
Thank you

The problem is that if we spend time fixing issues specific to Arabic, it doesn’t guarantee that we will have more learners on the site. We hope that the community of Arabic learners on LingQ continues to grow. If it does and reaches a point where there are a lot of active users and tutors, we can take a look at adding it as a supported language.

" We hope that the community of Arabic learners on LingQ continues to grow"???

Alex,really believe me!!! 100% guarantee. it is not possible.

I see LingQ do not understand the problem.
Alex, try to read a German text without vowels.
if you do it with a English Text, it would be easier!! maybe one day you understand me!

I see, I am the only fighter.

I give up!

I understand your point, re: you can’t afford the time to fix the Arabic while there are so few learners on the website

However, as Jolanda says, it is unlikely new learners will subscribe to Lingq because it doesn’t allow them to start off learning the language in the first place. All Arabic methods for beginners have vowels because when you are new to Arabic, you cannot read the script without the vowels/diacritical marks.

I subscribed to Lingq because I have passed the stage where I can read basic Arabic and I want to learn how to read and understand Arabic in the news. But had I been a beginner, I wouldn’t have subscribed because creating lingqs and having words highlighted doesn’t work with the vowelized Arabic script.

As I said before, Arabic is a language which is increasingly popular with the place the Middle East occupies in the news and world affairs. Also, every Muslim in non-Arabic speaking countries aspire to learn Arabic, so there is a huge potential for learning the language. Most would-be learners for Arabic are beginners, so it makes sense to have a method which can be used by beginners, not just people who can already read Arabic.

How many learners are there currently for Arabic on Lingq? And how many are needed before you can consider to make it a supported language?

@Zahra15 - Thanks for your feedback on Arabic. At the moment Arabic doesn’t really have any more users than our other beta languages. It’s hard to give you specific numbers, but we would like to see a good number of active learners (not just people who signed up to learn then left) for Arabic. For now, looking at the charts on the Friends page, all of our supported languages have at least 15 users with above 100 Activity Score. If there were at least 15 users with 100+ Activity Score for Arabic each month that would certainly get our attention.

Many thanks for your reply. 15 users with 100+ Activity Score each month is not much. Do they all have to be paying members? (I know there’s a limited number of lingqs with free membership) I’ll see on my side if I can get people to sign up for Arabic. Thanks for all your support

@Zahra15 - Sounds good, let me know if you have any questions along the way!