Words Won’t Change to Known

Hi everyone,
I was going through my vocabulary words on my iPhone on the LingQ app and marking words as Known. However, when I go back into my vocabulary, the words that I marked as Known previously are back at the original “grade” from before and haven’t changed to Known.
Does anyone know the reason for this?

That sounds strange. Your account shows that you did made 25 Known words today so far and 232 known words yesterday. Can you post a link to a lesson in which all known words switched back to blue for you?

It’s not that the words are changing back to blue. It happens more so like this…

I read a lesson with blue words and turn them yellow with a grade of “1” because I’ve just seen them.

Then maybe a couple days pass and I click on my vocabulary tab where it gives me that list of ALL of my yellow words/LingQs. I go through this list and mark words in yellow to known with the blue/green check mark.

But then, when I refresh my vocabulary list page, the words that I just marked as known with the check mark are put back to their original yellow grade of 1 or 2.

I see. Strange, I can’t reproduce that on my end. If you still have the same problem please contact me on support(at)lingq.com and I will investigate it further.