Words read not updating unless lesson completed

I’m using the iOS phone app.

My words read count isn’t updated until I hit the “compete lesson” button. This is something I’ve had a problem with for a while but it hasn’t affected me too much since I always hit the “compete lesson” button after finishing a lesson, but now that I’ve turned off the option to move blue words to known when paging, I don’t get credit for the words read.

Edit: apparently a clarification is needed: the real problem here is that I have to hit “complete lesson“ in order to get credit for words read, but the catch is that I don‘t want the remaining blue words to be marked as known because a lot of times they are proper nouns or words in other languages. I’m reading on the phone app and don’t have the luxury of keyboard shortcuts. All of these problems can be avoided by either 1. not having LingQ automatically make all remaining blue words as known or 2. having “words read” and “lessons complete“ update when the last page of the lesson is read. I hope this is clear now.

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What is counted is not the number of words read, but the number of words known.

You can see both stats, the one next to the flag are the known words. There are other stats that you can view like words read, hours of listening, lingqs created etc.

Finish the lesson and go to the final page that shows your current stats. Your words read count should get updated then

That’s right, I was a bit upset about it, too - at the beginning! Then I understood that it doesn’t affect neither the streak nor the statistics in general, so I don’t mind now :slight_smile: It will count at the end, when you, eventually, finish the lesson. :slight_smile:

This is a very big problem. I read books that are distributed for very long parts. Until I will finish the lesson it will take a lot of time. In the monthly challenge I need to accumulate 1000 LIngQs. I don’t know how I’ll do it if I have to wait for the end of the long lessons to see the updated number of the LingQs I have.

That’s exactly what I do most of the time. I import whole novels (right now “War and Peace” a huuuuuuuge book) and let Lingq split the text, which typically makes each part as long as it can be on Lingq, so it takes me a few days to read each part and my word count only gets updated after I finish.
It doesn’t bother me at all

Btw, as far as I can tell this doesn’t affect the number of recorded Lingqs, only the words read stat

@Cinderela - No, your lingQs (and known words) automatically update as you go, regardless of whether you complete the lesson or not. If you check your ‘Today’ statistics, you will see they increase (refresh the statistics page if you have to). I just opened a new lesson myself, lingQ‘ed a few blue words, exited & checked my stats. Sure enough, they increased, even though the only thing I did was tap a few blue words, ignoring everything else. Cheers

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All of the stats update mid-lesson except for the words read. I’m not even so worried about the words read not updating mid-lesson, but my issue is having to hit the “compete lesson” button because then it marks all the remaining blue words as known, and I don’t want that to happen. Is there a way around this?

In my experience, the words read (regardless of having finished an entire lesson) continually update in Spanish BUT curiously enough, NOT in Russian where one has to complete and entire lesson before the words are counted as read or the lesson as listened to. Why this discrepancy exists between theses two languages makes no sense to me. In fact, I was unaware that there was such a difference until I started a Spanish challenge to refresh my speaking ability (having originally subscribed to LingQ only doing Russian) and then noticed the difference between how the word counts differed for each language.

I am confused by the words read statistic which is, for me the most important. I want use LingQ to keep a record of all my language learning activity. If I read a text of 100 words ten times outside LingQ and want to enter the data manually into LingQ, do I enter 100 words or 1,000 words. If I read a lesson of 500 words in LingQ and press the lesson completed tab and then read it again am I. credited with 500 words or 1,000 words. The Challenge feature is useful but I don’t want to « cheat » .I have a similar issue with recording time listened outside of LingQ.

Lingqing and marking words known or ignore can be very fast and easy if you use keyboard shortcuts and auto LingQ creation. When you use the keyboard, you can get through a lesson pretty much as fast as you can read.

Your LingQ count and known word count will update during the lesson as you read, but not the “words read” count.

With book imports, each lesson is about 2,000 words, which equals roughly 7 pages of a paperback book. If you’re not at a level yet where you can read 2,000 words in one sitting and finish the lesson, then your “words read” count is not yet a relevant statistic for you. There is nothing wrong with not being at that level, of course. But in my experience “words read” matters in 100,000 increments or more. If you’re at a level of reading 1,000 words per session, I really wouldn’t worry about when the numbers update, I’d concentrate on getting to the 2,000 words per day pace.

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I typically aim for 4k words per reading session and 100k+ per month for Russian and then less for Spanish and French.

Yes I noticed the same thing for Spanish a while ago but I’m not sure if it’s changed since.

I edited my original post for clarification.

I understand your problem. Personally i prefer it the way it works today. What I do is every blue word I linq, ignore or let it became known. I also mainly use linq on the phone.

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