Words only partially highlighted in blue

I’ve been going through Serge’s wonderful “l’histoire de France” series. In the last few days, I’ve noticed that in some lessons, a few words are only partially highlighted in blue, rather than the whole word. In effect, the system thinks that a single word is made up of two separate words.

For example, in the lesson “L’épopée industrielle – Révolution en 1848, guerre en 1870”, the following words are only partially highlighted:

Line 2: boulevard
Line 3: drapeau

In print mode, these words are displayed properly, i.e. no space or hyphen between the highlighted and non-highlighted part of the word.

There are a few more words like this in the lesson. I don’t know whether the problem is peculiar to these lessons or a more general system error.

Hi, we have made some changes to the highlighting so that words with apostrophes are now entirely highlighted. Has this affected the issue you mention here?


I don’t know if the highlight problem has anything to do with apostrophes:

  • The apostrophe problems seem to be gone.

  • The partial highlight problem is a recent one, and so can possibly be related to the apostrophe fix.

  • OTOH, those two words I mentioned above (boulevard & drapeau) aren’t surrounded by apostrophed words.

So the problem might have something to do with the recent fix but I am not sure if this is indeed the case.

What is strange is that boulevard is highlighted properly for me while I do have the problem with drapeau. At any rate, I have passed that information on to our team who will look into it shortly.