Words of Reading

Does anyone happen to know how words of reading are calculated? the use of these statistics was one of the reasons I decided to pay for LingQ but today I noticed that I had gone through 2 lessons and my reading count was 0 words. Perhaps a bug? Or they are calculated differently? Any clarification would be very helpful!

The reading words are counted only the first time when you read a lesson. After that, you can add manually each time you read one lesson.

Ah that is a shame (esp. given the emphasis of LingQ on tracking and repetitive reading). Would be a good thing to fix in a coming update/new version of the site

I don’t think that’s exactly correct…but it is a little unintuitive…

First time through once you click through all the text…that should give you an updated count. On subsequent reads you have to click through all the text AND hit “Complete Lesson”. Then it should be counting the words.

If you simply click through all the word pages and don’t click “Complete Lesson” it won’t count the words. It also won’t count the words page by page, or if you make it to the last page, but don’t click through and “Complete Lesson”.

You have more experience, sure. But, ''Complete Lesson ‘’, appears only the first time when you finish one lesson to read. At least, this is at me. And will not count the lesson or words reading for the next time. More exactly, only Listening is counted for the next times. Maybe I wrong., anyway for me no this is the main trouble. Sure, there are many things to be improved. I wait with impatience for the next update.

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Hi Lawrencen. You’re correct. I’m mistaken. From the app you get the “Complete Lesson” button after each subsequent read if you go through all pages. On the first reading, it doesn’t appear, but your word count and times reading go to one after going through all pages. Subsequent reads require the Complete Lesson.

On the website it appears this is not happening. Looks like a bug. I swear I tried this a month ago, but maybe I did it from the app back then too.

I think you should be able to just bump the # of times read for the lesson and it will add the words for that lesson.

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Words read are counted when you have first finished a lesson AND you’ve LingQed all words in it along the way, meaning you marked them as something other than blue. Repeated readings are not automatically counted.

The more you read on LingQ, the more you’ll see why this is actually a really good way to keep track of this statistic, and why repeated reading really shouldn’t be automatically added to the “words read” statistic.

There have been other threads about this in the past. But my short version is this: You want to get to 1-2 million words of unique content read – as opposed to repeated content – so this is what LingQ is encouraging you to do, and that’s what it keeps track of.


Thanks - though I would still prefer no. of words counted (though S Kaufmann emphasis I suppose is more on repeated listening than reading - I hope the count of listening hours includes repetition, it seems to from what I have seen)