Words of Reading Stat

I just wanted to confirm my understanding of the Words of Reading statistic, it only counts NEW content that you’ve read. So reviewing lessons one has read before does not increase your words read for the day. I did my own testing this morning and that seems to be the case, can anyone confirm?

Also, is there a place I can get more details on how the stats make their calculations? I’d love to know the nitty-gritty.

Loving Lingq, by the way!

I believe it only counts it the first time, but you can also manually add or subtract how many times you’ve read each lesson. If you have the lesson open, you’ll be able to hit + or - to change the number of words read. That would add it to your daily read words count. You can also add any amount of words read in the tab that has your stats. It’s the same with a few other stats like listening, number of words written, and hours spoken. Unfortunately, I don’t know where you can find the super detailed answer on why the stats are arranged as they are.

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It counts all the words in the lesson every time you click “complete lesson” at the end. If you don’t click that, it won’t count the words. If you go into the lesson and it starts you part way through (like where you last left off) and you flip through the pages to the end and hit “complete lesson” it will count the words (even though you clearly haven’t read all the words). If you simply read to the last word in the lesson and don’t click the arrow to page through, it won’t count the words. You need to click through to that “complete lesson” page.

First time through a lesson I think there’s not a “complete lesson” button at end, but I think if you make it to that point it does count it in that situation only, regardless of what you do.

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