Words of reading: how is it calculated?

I was wondering how it was calculated, because the number does not look right to me. If I take the “last 7 days”, I would have read 1640 words, and created 1558 new LinQs. 1558 new linQs is quite possible. But I must have read many more words then 1640.

I’m not sure if the problem comes from the fact that I constantly overwrite my current lesson with the current chapter that I’m at. The reason I started to do that is that I felt I didn’t need to keep all those dozens and dozens of lessons. As soon as it’s read, I can just erase it. But I’m wondering now if that causes the stats to reset every time. Does it? If that’s the case then I can just create new lessons, but I wanted to ask.

That would be it. The Words of Reading is incremented automatically only once per lesson - when you click the “Move All Remaining Blue Words to Known” button at the bottom of the lesson, or when you work your way through all of the blue words in the lesson. Otherwise it will have to manually be incremented.

You don’t necessarily have to create a new lesson every time, as you can manually adjust your Words of Reading counter at any time from the Progress Snapshot. However, there are two upsides:

  1. Multiple lessons means you can work through a lesson and only worry about the words you don’t know. Any word you know you can skip, and instead of having to mark each individual word as Known you can just click the button at the bottom
  2. Multiple lessons means your Words of Reading will automatically be incremented each time you finish a lesson

In the end though it’s up to you - what you want to achieve is certainly possible with your current approach, so long as you manually adjust your Words of Reading each time you add a new lesson :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you for the answer.

I think I will then create multiple lessons instead. I will make them longer so I wont have to do that so often. Is there a downside for me to create a lesson three, four, five time longer? I have no idea if that affects the javascript or not. Right now my japanese lessons are about 600 to 800 words long. If you tell me It can affect the performance, I’ll just leave them at 800 words.

We actually adjusted the length limit per lesson to 2000 words, as longer than this resulted in more noticeable degradation in performance. If it’s longer than 2000 words then our system will automatically split it into two (or more) lessons, so you can actually feel free to add a really long lesson and just let our system split it up for you - this may be a quicker way to add new content :slight_smile:

Thank you Alex, that’s perfect!

I noted this week that one or two words in each lessons can’t be changed into linqs. Although they turn yellow when I press enter, they turn back into blue when I refresh the page. No matter how many times I refresh the page, those words remain blue no matter what. It happened during the last four lessons at least.

For example, in the lesson, the word was あられ (I removed it from the lesson)

Each time this happens, I edit the lesson to remove the word, and add a fake word (for instance “ddd”), and then I press X to remove the word, so the system will consider the lesson completed.

Hmm, when this happens again would you send me a link to the lesson before you remove the problematic word? I think it may have something to do with the original source formatting, though being able to see this in an actual lesson would help confirm if this is the case :slight_smile: