Words known

I’ve been hearing a lot about people having a tremendous amount of words know. But the weird part is they say the don’t use the flashcards too often. How is this possible. Isn’t this the only way to gain “known words” or am I using the site incorrectly.

@watupboy - the easiest way to add Known Words is to make blue words known individually on the blue popup or by clicking the LingQ’d button once you have LingQed all the words you don’t know. This will make all remaining blue words Known.

ya but if you don’t know those words then you shouldn’t do that right… And I think you can “edit” a yellow word to make it known, Am I correct?

Most “known words” will eventually come from the incidental words in a text that you do not LingQ. In the beginner period, however, they will tend to come from working with flash cards to move the status to known, or by going to the vocabulary page and moving words to known that you now know.

I would LingQ all words that I am not sure of, even if you think you know them. This ensures that you get a chance to review them in flash cards, and to notice them as yellow words.

This is something i wondered too. So flashcards, clicking ‘i know all’ and manually editing yellow words is the only way to move words to your known list?

I was under the impression that LingQ moved them to level 4 automatically after a certain amount of time. Is this not the case?

@guitario - No, LingQs do not move to Known unless you manually move them or automatically move them by recognizing them and answering correctly (Got it!) in the flashcards enough times. Every two times you click Got it! in a row, the LingQ status increases by 1.

Or you can review your words in a list on your “vocabulary” page.

I like to order them alphabetically to review words in families.