Words I've chosen not to review are turning up in my reviews

I review 50 words a day but don’t want to see any of the ones I’ve checked out as really known (i.e., category 5). Still they turn up in my daily review to the tune of about half a dozen a day. Is there something I need to change in my settings? I think this problem may be related to the new update, but I’m not sure. It does seem to be recent.

Strange, I am unable to reproduce that issue. Checkmarked words do not appear on my Daily LingQs list. For which study language you have that problem?

Hi Zoran, I’m studying Italian. I’ve just been reviewing my latest list, dated July 29, and have already found one such word from category five. If there are more, I’ll come back here and let you know.

Ok, Zoran, here’s an interesting new clue: after hitting the wrong button and losing my place in my review by going to another page, I had to start over again, and when I did, I no longer encountered any words checked as a category 5. Sorry, but I can’t remember what the word was in the first place. I’ll pay more attention next time it happens.