Words automatically marked as known (despite settings)

I’m not sure how this occurred but I just imported a lesson and paged through everything and when I got to the end it said it added a few hundred words to known. I checked my settings I have “paging moved to known” unchecked so I’m not sure how this happened:

I’m going to have to go through the lesson to mark what I actually know / don’t know, but not sure if other people have experienced this.


Even if you have the “Paging moves to known” option disabled, if you complete a lesson, all blue words will switch to Known automatically. You can’t complete a lesson and leave blue words behind.

Got it. I think what happened is I why just quickly paging through the lesson on the web to skim it and the “next page” button turns into a “complete lesson” checkmark button which I didn’t realize was going to add several hundred words without a warning :slight_smile:

Now that I know this behavior I’ll be more careful in the future.

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