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Hello, I believe I’m over thinking and I’m not sure if the following sentences are correct in terms of word usage.

Ce lieu est le foyer de la plus ancienne colonie (not sure if I’m using le foyer correctly)
Un vaste terrain, se compose d’une population petite, Canada a les gens tres amicaux. (should it be terrain qui se compose?)
C’est une terre d’histoire (if you want to to it’s a land with a rich history).
Manitoba a quelques-uns des gens les plus incoyables (not sure if it’s the correct use of quelques-uns).

"Ce lieu est le foyer de la plus ancienne colonie “: oui!
You should say “territoire” here” instead of terrain. I would say: "Vaste territoire peu peuplé, le Canada est un pays dont les habitants sont très chaleureux.
“C’est une terre d’histoire”: oui!
I would say 'Il y a à Manitoba des gens parmi les plus incloyables.

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First line ok. Probably “la plus ancienne colonie” could be “la première colonie” and “Ce lieu est” could be “C’est”.

Second line do you mean they are very friendly because of the number of inhabitants by km2 ? Any way it should be “d’une petite population” else we could understand they are small in size in stead of in number. It should be “le Canada” a better way to say the last part would be “les Canadiens sont très amicaux” there are probably better words than “amicaux” like “accueillants”, “joviaux” or “chaleureux” - up to you. I probably would use “territoire” in stead of “terrain”.
Leur petit nombre sur un vaste territoire rend les Canadiens très accueillants.

Third line ok.

Fourth line
Le Manitoba a quelques-unes des personnes (ou quelques-unes des personnalités ou quelques-uns des Canadiens) les plus incroyables.

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Oui, mais c’est ***au Manitoba.

Ah ok c’est une province, je connais pas trop le Canada…

Moi non plus ! :stuck_out_tongue: C’est simplement immense

Interesting to note you put this on Language Learners forum and two non-natives disagreed with something the natives on here say is fine. Be very careful who you listen to. Especially if those people have personal issues like the ones who responded there - they are very likely to be over estimating their language skills in order to grab some self-worth in the virtual world.

I don’t understand what you’re talking about either…

@Droopy_C*ck: Yep! Definitively someone here seems to have personal issues and to be trying to grab some self-worth from the virtual world.
The part about overestimating language skills is probably right as well

See post above.

Lingq’s forums are still a mistery for me I guess :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure I haven’t found them all yet!

What ? Sorry did i invade your safe space again ?

Spend less time online you freak.

Thank you for your interest.
No, you didn’t invade anything, don’t worry. Contrary to your world view, trolling in the internet is just a futile, childish activity. It doesn’t threaten or have any real effect on others. It’s just about your compensate for your insignificance in real life. Rest assured that you’re just as insignificant online.
I just find your gratuitous insults and rants completely hilarious. I’ll keep on calling you on them from time to time and enjoying your emotional outbursts.
Thank you so much for providing a little fun in the middle of my language learning

As an example, I find your “contribution” to this particular thread especially funny. You were so eager to find something outrageous to say that you mentioned non-existent non-native speakers, complete with imagined “personal issues”.
The fact that your trolling tendencies are leading you to lose touch with reality makes for an incredibly interesting psychological case

mmm…did you not read his post?

The non-natives he refers to definite exist just as he says they do.

You might as well read his post again, it won’t do you any harm and you just might realise that the non-natives he refers to actually do exist.

Try it and see!

He is obviously not referring to the three native speakers on this thread being the first three to answer prior to his first post.

The “psychological case” you mention doesn’t exist :slight_smile:

To help you out:

Hint 1: He says and I quote: “In fact reading my original message here back to myself it’s very clear what I’m talking about.”

Hint 2: As the only other English mother tongue bar one, I get it.

Perhaps there is something to get after all.

Here the answers by non native people on the other site DrewPeacock refered to

“I’m not sure what you are even trying to say in some of these cases. I think you are trying to translate the English way too literally. I am not sure your problem is limited to word choice but it also extends to grammar and formulation in general.”

“Foyer sounds wrong in this context. I would use “centre” or “coeur” or “siège.”
I would just use “pays” instead of “terrain.”
Should be “petite population.”
“Le Canada a des gens.”
I would write “riche en histoire” or “plein(e) d’histoire” rather than simply “d’histoire.”
I would say “Les habitants du Manitoba sont…” or “Les Manitobains sont…”
“Incroyable” (assume that was just a typo).”

Where exactly do they disagree with what we answer here ?
We all agree on the Should be petite population in stead of population petite.
“I would” and “sounds wrong” don’t mean what you wrote is wrong and here is the right way.

Ok, I was wrong in that part. Sorry if it caused any inconvenience. Thank you for pointing this out.
The psychological case, on the other hand, does seem to exist. Droopy Cock has consistently been trolling forum users and insulting people for no good reason, which he has done again in this thread.
My last post was, as you showed, wrong. I stand by the second to last, though

:slight_smile: Yes, I guess there’s something.

You’re welcome!

Glad to have been of help.

I have to admit it did require going elsewhere :slight_smile:

I agree with you that oozing positive energy and enthusiasm is inspiring whilst trolling is something to be avoided.