Word meaning window

In the web version. Word explanations used to appear on the right, now they appear right next to the word. I do not like it. When we try to look at the meaning of the word, we are looking for where the window will come out.

There is a big difference between a tablet and a computer screen. Since the tablet screen is small, it is quite natural that it looks like it does now. But computer screens are very large, it is much more useful to have a place for itself on the right side.

In addition, I spend the time I am going to study to correct the application that I think you did wrong. This is an embarrassing situation.

!!! I think it would be better if you were interested in different things instead of dealing with visuals.
For example, being able to list words that need to be repeated. It brings up the words I’ve added most recently (I’ve only just seen them anyway).
When you try to put it in order of importance, it brings the same words over and over. However, there are 5000 words, I want to refresh my memory, I want him to remember the words I haven’t seen, and I’m about to forget.
I’m trying to express this, when you say bring a random word, if it comes from the very beginning, not from the last. Also, the word that I saw and studied today should not be brought to me again today. Because I’ve already seen this word.

I hope you consider it.

When you mark more than 5-7 words, the window showing the word meaning does not appear. Yes, I will not save these words in the database, but I can also copy them to google translate, so there is an option such as translate with google translate. (In the previous window, although I couldn’t save it, I had a chance to copy it to google translate)
I want to check if I have understood the context of the subject correctly. When I try this, I have to do it with different methods.

I know Google Translate can sometimes translate nonsense, but usually it gets it right. I wish we could send even a paragraph to google translate.

For your first question, open a lesson, and on the upper righ portion click the arrow (expand sidebar). It should solve your issue.


As @Eleonora1337 already wrote, click on the arrow button at the top right to show/hide the side panel.

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Thank you very much for your time.

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