Word limit on imports?


Sorry if this has already been asked. Yesterday I tried to import the transcript from a 45 minute podcast. As you can imagine it is quite long. I successfully copied and pasted the text into LingQ.

After I generated the lesson, the full audio uploaded, but only about the first 20% of the text was saved. Is there a text limit to lessons? I keep checking the course I saved it to, and it hasn’t automatically turned the rest of the transcript into different lessons. I just have 1 incomplete lesson now. Is there a word limit? And if so, do you have to manually break up the text yourself into multiple lessons?

Any help much appreciated


Yes, lessons are limited to 2000 words. If text is longer than that, it will be split into parts. In some cases it can take more time for additional parts to appear, but if you check again now, they should all be imported.