Word "deal"

Hi I’m trying to learn English and I have a silly question.
Despite the word “deal” be easy, I’ve noticed that there are many expressions in English with this word, which does not always mean the same thing. And I’m quite sure to apply it in sentences and also to understand its application in several sentences.
Can anyone help me?

google-> “define: deal”

Distribute (cards) in an orderly rotation to the players for a game or round

  • the cards were dealt for the last hand
  • fate dealt her a different hand

Distribute or mete out (something) to a person or group

  • the funds raised were dealt out to the needy

Take part in commercial trading of a particular commodity

  • directors were prohibited from dealing in the company’s shares

Be concerned with

  • a movie that deals in ideas and issues

Buy and sell illegal drugs

  • Frankie started dealing drugs

Take measures concerning (someone or something), esp. with the intention of putting something right

  • the government had been unable to deal with the economic crisis

Cope with (a difficult person or situation)

  • you’ll have to find a way of dealing with those feelings

Treat (someone) in a particular way

  • life had dealt harshly with her

Have relations with (a person or organization), esp. in a commercial context

  • the bank deals directly with the private sector

Take or have as a subject; discuss

  • the novel deals with several different topics

Inflict (a blow) on (someone or something)

  • hopes of an economic recovery were dealt another blow


An agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit, esp. in a business or political context

  • the band signed a major recording deal

An attractive price on a commodity for a purchaser; a bargain

  • we’ve got great deals on the latest camcorders

A particular form of treatment given or received

  • working mothers get a bad deal

A significant but unspecified amount of something

  • he lost a great deal of blood

Thank you.