Word count unable to go up after learned word

I’ve encountered this error numerous times, and there has been no way for me to fix it.

Here is the behaviour:

  1. I open a lesson where there is 1 yellow word
  2. I decide that I actually do know that word
  3. I either:
  4. click on it and give it the blue checkmark (where the levels are from 1…5)
  5. or I click on the “ignore word” button next to it, then click on the word again and I select “I know this word!”
  6. My word count goes up one
  7. I finish the lesson (or go to any page really afterward)
  8. My word count goes back down one

I’d really like this bug to be fixed, I don’t like the app thinking I don’t know a word when I do, it messes with my learning and the whole point I got the month “trial” (only bought a month to start to see how it goes) was because I liked keeping track of my word learning progress.

Further information:

I see it makes a call to: https://www.lingq.com/api/v2/it/known-words/
Which responds back with a status code 201 (so it was “created”)
And the json response is:

If a word was on Status 4 already, it was already considered Known and included in Known words stats.
Changing the word status from 4 to checkmark will just exclude the word from reviews, but won’t increase Known words number since that word was already Known.
So, for example, if you ignored Status 4 word, then made it Known again, your Known words stats will remain the same.

I feel like there’s still a bug though, because the other words that I know, if I click on them, the option to say “I know this word!” will be grayed out, but with these words they’ll highlight them as soon as I enter the lesson and then it will give me the option to pick a definition as well as making the button for “I know this word!” available.

Can you take some screenshot examples and send to support(at)lingq.com? Thanks!