Word Count increments repeatedly for the same word - bug

I stumbled upon this accidentally. I use the K shortcut to set a word as known. If I do this then click back on the word it becomes blue, my word count does not reduce and if I hit K again (or click to say I know the word) my word count increases again.
In other words, you can increase your word count artificially.

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I’ve noticed this quirk as well, but the incorrect word count doesn’t stick once you leave the lesson. It decreases back to what it should be.

Is yours actually retaining the higher word count after you leave the lesson?

No worries, word counter and coins counter works properly. As soon as you leave a lesson and refresh the feed, known words counter will update back to correct number (as well as coins number). Same word can’t be counted twice or more times as known.

Thanks, yep it resets to the correct value after leaving the lesson.