Word Count decreased when I Finished a lesson


When I clicked complete on a lesson my word count went down from 699 to 696 in Russian. This shouldn’t happen.



I experienced this with German the other day. :frowning:

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I just moved a word to known right now and the statistic went up by one, but the word stayed yellow. I tried to move the word to known again, and this time the word turned clear, but the counter went up by one again. This is so frustrating.

Update: it just happened again. Im using Safari I hope they fix this immediately.
Update 2: If you move a word to known and the word stays yellow, but the counter goes up.
Refreshing the page fixes this issue.


I think that your issue is exactly the same that is being discussed here: https://www.lingq.com/en/learn/en/web/community/forum/support-feedback-forum/why-must-i-click-twice

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Sometimes Known words counter counts the same word as known twice while going through a lesson, in cases like that one @MarkE mentioned. But no worries, known words counter isn’t broken and it gets updated to correct number as soon as your complete a lesson.