Word Count between computers is sporadic

So, I use multiple computers to access Lingq. One thing that I have noticed is the varying values for words known, words read and so on.

Here are example:

Current computer:

Words known: 72
Words known (on badge): 98
Words Read: 460

Home Desktop:

Words known: 102
Words Read: Over 3000

The home desktop values may not be exact. I will check when I arrive home later tonight. However, I was just letting Steve and the rest of the Lingq staff know. I’m pretty new, and so far, I love Lingq. If this can be fixed, I can be more focused on my learning by knowing my exact progress.

Hope to hear from someone soon.

That is rather odd. O.o

I’ve only ever used one computer but I’ve noticed variant values there too. No doubt Mark knows of some of these problems.

The LingQ system is not in your computers, but in the web server, lingq.com[], which you access. Using more than one computer does not cause any problems, I suppose.

Yes, I understand how the internet works. :smiley:

But, the problem remains. Perhaps it is a cache problem?

Or a problem related to the system itself?

must be, because I’ve got different numbers on my badge and in my profile :smiley:

Yes, I understand what Yutaka is saying. I understand, but I knew this already. I’m computer savvy. In fact, the second computer I use is in within my coding class in high school. I’m simply presenting an issue. :slight_smile:

I believe it has to do with marking words that are already known instead of making a Lingq. I’ll try it and get back with some results.

My mistake. It seems my count updated, and it is reading from the last 7 days. I read a full article on the first day. It is now day 8. The counts are fine.

Still, we do have another issue: known words on badges and known words in the progress bars are inconsistent. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

That has always been an issue and we are looking into it. The totals are slightly off although they do increase appropriately.

Alright. Thank you, Mark. I’m off to learn, then. Hope it gets fixed soon. :slight_smile: