Word and Lingq statuses are not synced between website and iOS app

Hi there, recently joined and seeing what look like bugs between using the iOS app and the website. I have some lessons where I’ve marked the word as known on the site, but on the app, they show up as status 1 (New) and I can’t change them to Known on the app. Would appreciate some help on how to resolve this. Thanks.

Can you please provide lesson/word example of the issue? I just tested with several lessons and lot of words on my end, but the status is always synched properly between web and app. I can’t find a way to reproduce the problem.

Thanks for your response. They’re a bunch of my private lessons I imported from YouTube. If you can access it, here is one of the links: Login - LingQ

I also took some screenshots so you can see. Hope these links can paste properly. You can see the top 3 vocab have been ignored even though I marked them as known and I can’t make them known no matter what Status I set them at.

I think a related problem to this is that in these same lessons, it says I have some blue ”new” words left but when I go into the lesson, there are none.

Hi zoran, just checking you received my example. If you can let me know if it’s a problem on my end or it’s an issue you’re still looking at, would appreciate it.

Thanks a lot for your examples.
Have you tried refreshing the lesson on the app? Does that helps?
Also, is the problem only if you change the word status on the website first and then it doesn’t reflect on the app? What happens of you try other way around, changing the status on the app first?

Ok, I just hit the refresh again on the iOS app and the website and nothing changed. Also, tried changing the word status on the website first and checked the app, then vice versa but no changes. Even in the same platform it doesn’t persist. For example, the first word ある you can see is “ignored” (which I didn’t set so I don’t know why it was that status in the first place) so I want to change it to “known” but no matter where I try to select the checkmark, it stays as “ignored”.

Also, I don’t want to add to the issues I’m having, but it may be related so may be helpful to tell you. These lessons I imported (and others) show I have New Words to explore but I already finished the lessons and marked everything as a LingQ or Known so there should be no more blue words but it still says there are. As a result, it also gives a % of words that are still unfamiliar. However, if I go into the lesson and hit Lesson Info, it properly shows 0 New Words, just nowhere else is it synced to.

Finally, sorry but final separate issue, for some reason I have 2 Quick Import courses from using the import tools. One of them has no lessons and I can’t delete it and it gives errors. Can you help me clean that up and delete that extra hanging Course that I cannot (in my Japanese profile)?

Thanks so much for your help. I just finished my 1 week trial and signed up for the Premium so other than these bugs, I’ve really enjoyed the potential of this tool so far.

@jabronee Can you please update the app to the latest version now and let me know if you still have issues?

Hi @zoran, I updated the app to 5.0.12 on iOS and it’s still giving me the problem. I uploaded a video where you can see that the Word Count is different from the lesson view and if you go into the lesson and look at Lesson Info. Also you can see that the word status is stuck at 1 no matter what I try, even though it is at 4 (known) on Safari