Wonderful to have so many discussions to choose from!

I’d say this in Russian but World War 3 (the U-certificate version) is being enacted in my sitting room and I can’t think how to say it…

It’s great to have such a choice of discussion days, times, topics and hosts for Russian! For the first year after I joined there weren’t many people prepared to host discussions at all.

If you offer a couple of conversations and get no-one signing up, please don’t give up! Sometimes it takes us students a couple of weeks to rearrange our timetables. Shy students may take a few weeks to pluck up the courage to try a “new” discussion. Sociable students may want to get together in a group and then find a tutor who can host a conversation at a specific day and time for them. Students like to see tutors offering regular days and times, in fact that is probably more important than having interesting discussion topics!

Some students like to be given an article to read in advance, others don’t. As you build up your regular student base you will find they will tell you what they want and when they want it. If some of your students are tutors themselves then they are sure to give you plenty of advice on tutoring, which you can choose to follow or ignore!

Hello, Hellen. :slight_smile:

Quick question: when did you begin your Russian studies on LingQ? Just curious.

thanks skyblueteapot!