Wish to know how to remove imported lessons

Like many others I have been surprised by the new Open Exchange procedures. ( http://www.lingq.com/forum/2/20178/last/ )

In the process of trying to understand this a bit better, I “Imported” one of the corrections which now shows in my English language even though I am not really studying English and don’t need it as a lesson.

I don’t see any way to remove this lesson that I Imported. Is there a way to do this that isn’t immediately apparent?

If you go the imports list Login - LingQ there is a list of trash can symbols on the right hand side. Click on that. If your lesson is in a subfolder, open that first.

Thank you keke_eo. That is exactly what I needed, but I am wondering how a person finds that page. I’ve tried clicking on all the buttons, tabs and links, drop-down menus etc and can’t seem to get to it except through your direct link. Have I missed something?

=> Tasks
=> Import lesson
=> Back to import

I don’t know if there’s a more direct way (there should be), but this works.


=>My imports
=> drop down menu for specific lesson
=> Delete

@jfeka - You can actually remove imported lessons in the same way as you remove lessons taken from the Library – just go to the My Lessons page (or My Imports page), then click on the arrow next to “Open” and select “Delete Lesson”.

OK got it. Thanks all for the help.