Winter time, language learning time?

In the northern hemisphere, winter has arrived. Now I am more in the mood to work on my languages than during the rest of the year. Is it a perfect time to study? What do you think? Do your stats show a connection between seasons and progress?

I wish everyone a successful 2019 :slight_smile:


Hi Diotallevi, where do you study?

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Please be more specific…

I cannot really speak from a statistical point of view here, but I LOVE learning languages in winter. Maybe in winter I am in more of a mood to read and listen quietly to myself, and then in the summer I start to crave travelling, conversations, etc. Although I have probably spoken more Russian in winter than any other season (this could just be connected to me having a higher level in Russian now though).

Winter has been the best language learning season for me so far, but each season is bound to have its benefits, and I doubt that the differences between the seasons (in relation to languages) has much of an impact anyways.

Happy New Year :slight_smile:


I am in more of a mood to read and listen quietly to myself

That’s what I meant :slight_smile:

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I have never really thought about it before but in my personal experience I don’t think I have any preference over the other. One thing that I have noticed that I am more prone to feeling miserable and lethargic during the mid winter (about late dec-mid jan). However it might have something to do with talvikaamos (winter malaise).