Win a conversaton

Hello, I think I have a problem with the 4 firsts steps to start on LingQ, that to win a conversation with a tutor. I have compoleted the 4 but still only 75%, it asks to me invite my friends and I already have a lot of people invited, but remains in 75%.

What can I do to complete 100%?

Schön, Dich wieder aktiv bei Lingq. zu sehen!
Vielleicht kann ich Dir über Skype weiterhelfen!
Bis bald j:-)

@tarcnux - Are you sure that it is the 4th step that is not completed? It should be complete as soon as you invite one friend. Is that the step that doesn’t have the completed check mark beside it?

@Jolanda - Meine liebe Betruerin ich bin zurück, oder fast zurück, fast ein Jahr später.

@Mark - I’m sure, something is wrong.
Completo means complete! The number 4, invite your friends is not completed but I have a lot of them invited as you can see in my profile.

1 Ouça “A Introdução ao LingQ” pelo Steve completo!
2 Complete a primeira lição. - LingQ 101, Getting Started completo!
3 Faça um mínimo de 50 LingQs a partir de lições novas. completo!
4 Convide seus amigos para conhecer o LingQ

Make sure that you use the form on the Invite page to invite your friends, as the system doesn’t track whether or not people have signed up using your referral code or not.

Ok, thank you!