Will the site be down today or on the 4th?

Read the email but not sure from the wording. I am assuming the 4th.

The 4th is correct :slight_smile:

Tuesday, September 4th, the site will be down around 11AM PST (7PM GMT) for approximately four hours. It’s a pity that nobody of the power users could test it in advance…

Just found that 11AM PST is not 7PM GMT.
It’s 11+7 = 18 = 6PM GMT.
So be prepared that LingQ will go down 1 hour earlier if you calculate the time relative to GMT (e.g. Central Europe = 8PM)

Ah, you’re right. Daylight savings always messes with us!

Ok. I guess, it’s going to be 10PM in Moscow.

It’s going to be 00AM In Brazil, however in wednesday day 5. I guess.

6pm GMT = 7pm in the UK (British summer time).

The site is scheduled to go down in just over an hour from now, so plan accordingly :slight_smile: