Will IPA symbols display correctly in LingQs?

[ðɪs ɪz ə tɛst tu si ɪf ajpie sɪmbəlz dɪsple kərɛktli ɪn lingq]

Yup, that seems to work fine on forum, LingQ, vocabulary page and flashcard :slight_smile:

Are you transcribing your own speech there? :slight_smile:

Helen, do you have a special font on your computer that allows you to type IPA symbols? Or how else did you type that sentence?

I used an automatic transcriber, but it looks to me to be the same as my own speech. English Phonetic Transcription.

I also found this “virtual keyboard” for IPA: Type IPA phonetic symbols - online keyboard (all languages)

Ah, that would a grand coincidence if it were indeed the same as your own speech…unless you do indeed speak a ‘northern/north midland American dialect.’ :smiley:

When I studied phonetics, I used a book written for American speakers first and it would note the RP pronunciation too. As an Australian, I had to work out all the right vowels for myself. Lots of work…to say the least!

I’ve got an American linguistics book, which has a section on British English phonetics…but the examples are wrong and make no sense to a British English speaker :frowning:

I’ve seen nothing written about Oz vowels at all.

I think that’s a fairly good guide, other than some stuff on Wikipedia.