Will Google leave China?


Here is a citation from the news: “Google’s decision to move most of its China-based search functions from the mainland to Hong Kong opened a new phase in a two-month-long fracas pitting the world’s most powerful Internet company against a government that tightly restricts the Web in the planet’s most populous market.”

What do you think about it? I wonder with what search engines the potential new users from China get to know about LingQ now? Thank you.


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Most Chinese don’t even use Google, they use a search engine native to China, I think its called Baidu.com
Thats what I was reading. Google only claimed 33% of the market.
So they might as well take a stand.

I have a vague thought that the Internet means a revolution also in a sense that no information can longer be fully concealed from people. That such a thing as the “iron curtain” in Russia, when, in the past, no more then one per, say, a million of Soviet citizens had any idea, except from the soviet propaganda, how the rest of the world lived and perceived Russia - that such things are no longer possible, because of the technical reasons related to the Internet

I think so without actually knowing if such “technical reasons” indeed exist. I heard that attempts to limit the Internet access in Iran, were not really successful. But I am not sure. I would like to know what you think or know. Why not put a Google server on a Sputnik that would grant wireless access to the skillful enthusiasts of China?

Ilya, I think using “Russia” for USSR is incorrect. The Iron Curtain was not in the Russian Soviet Federal Republic, but in USSR.

Oh no, I forget “socialist” in the former title of my own country :)))

Yes, sure, you are right Rasana. I meant the USSR, the Soviet Union of my youth and before. I remember my parents trying to distinguish the voice of the foreign “Radio Svoboda” (Radio Freedom) in the city of Ufa. It was broadcast in Russian but was hardly comprehensible even with the best soviet radio sets, so thoroughly the broadcast was mixed with the interfering noise.

At that time there were only one political commentator on the USSR radio and TV. His name was Zhukov (but he was not that famous supreme Russian marshal that had “won” the war with Germany). I remember that only once he read a comment from a listener that that started like "I have heard from “Radio Freedom that…” . Zhukov stopped reading the comment, paused and answered, word-by-word: “Why listen to the Radio Freedom when you can listen to our, soviet radio”.


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Google did leave China. They rerouted search requests to a Hong Kong server that doesn’t require the same controls as those in China. China responded by blocking certain search terms. For example, in the past, if you searched “pro-democracy movement” you would find state sanitized webpages regarding this issue. Now…there is just a blank screen.

If China wanted to, they could simply block all access to the Hong Kong server, they still have complete control.

yes,as a Chinese,we use the local search engine baidu.com, you know Chinese government blocked website like Youtube. The seach results are reviewed by the government. Some time people do not know the real story of some events.
Baidu.com claimed most of the market.

hoo. Welcome to LingQ. The world is one big family and I hope that LingQ remains accessible from China so our members can learn Chinese and Chinese members can learn other languages.