just a short question if i can share the content i import from wikipedia?

Here I found this information:
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled “GNU Free Documentation License”.

This means you can do this, but some points are to heed - I cannot exactly say what they are.

That’s why i made this post. I know it is in general allowed to copy content from wikipedia, for non commercial purposes at least, however i’m not sure if i correctly understand the whole copyright thing, so maybe somebody with more understanding will put his or her two cents to clarify if we are allowed to share those articles or not :slight_smile:

tjankus that is, what we name “a really hot potato” because nobody can give you here a certainty. Often the sentence are written so difficult that only a lawyer can understand what is meant.
You cannot pay for a lawer - me too!
The other point is, when it has today this meaning, it can have tomorrow another and you cannot recognize.

We had in the last time in Germany example, you cannot believe it!

One example:
I had in my importet text one time only a picture out of internet and in this picture was written “copyrightfree”!
My son gave me the advice to ask the owner for a written (!!!) declare that I can use it.
I said to him, it is written in the picture. My son said, it is not sure enough, you could write it himself.
OK - I looked again for this picture - and - I could never find it! I could only find a version that was copyright.
I took verye quickly this picture out!

I go in wikipedia only for information an then I build my own sentence. I would never copy and past without written permission.

At LingQ we consider the sharing of articles from Wikipedia to be acceptable. I have just read again the explanation at Wikipedia and feel comfortable that we do not contravene their rules. Let’s be clear, anyone who puts information up on Wikipedia wants that information to be used and shared around or they would not put it up there.

I have written an email to Wikipedia just now as follows.

LingQ ( is a multilanguage language learning community. All learning content is available in audio and text form free of charge, and mostly it is contributed by members.

Our members would like to record some articles or parts of articles from Wikipedia, in their native language, to share with other learners on LingQ.

We will follow the GNU Free Documentation License rules and not alter any articles. All articles will be available free of charge. We will always acknowledge the source with a link to the article.

We are assuming that this is acceptable and will quickly take down any article where its use creates a dispute.

Would Wikipedia be interested in obtaining the audio files for articles recorded buy our members in their native language?

So please make sure that when you share something from Wikipedia that you provide a good quality sound file, that you acknowledge the source with a link in the footer or at the bottom of the article so that we can show this. You do not need to give us the full article, but you cannot alter anything in any text or part of text that you use.

Wikipdia also has regular and simplified texts on many subjects and in many languages. We look forward to getting content recorded in your native language. After June we will be rewarding with points, people who contribute content. Anything contributed prior to June will also be subject to reward iin points.

The following was the answer from Wikipedia.

We are free to use their content. They are keen to receive our audio files as long as they are converted to OGG files. Read below.

Who is willing to record Wikipedia articles in their language?

Dear Steve Kaufmann,

Thank you for your mail.

Yes, this use is acceptable wherever the GNU Free Documentation License terms
are followed. It certainly sounds like a good project.

Wikipedians would certainly be interested in obtaining the audio files; there
is, in fact, a WikiProject which records spoken audio files from articles. I
would suggest that you visit, and by
extension, the equivalent projects in other languages as listed in the sidebar
on the left; users more familiar with that particular project could coordinate
the use of the audio files and perhaps even make specific recommendations for
how to go about it. You can comment there and ask questions at

One request, however, is that audio files, when uploaded onto Wikipedia,
should use the (open-source) Ogg Vorbis audio format so as to avoid the use of
proprietary audio codecs such as MP3. While it’s certainly both productive and
legal to record Wikipedia articles to MP3, Wikipedia would prefer to use Ogg
versions such that the format of the recording is not ever an issue (and so
that digital rights management software cannot be used on the recording, which
is a violation of the GFDL). Conversion to .ogg before uploading to Wikipedia
would be ideal.

Yours sincerely,
Mark Hetherington