"Wide Partisan Divide Over Global Warming"(Pew Research Center)

I found the following research result interesting. I wonder why views about climate change are divided along party lines.

"Among Tea Party Republicans, fully 70% say there is no evidence[the earth is warming]. "(Pew Research Center) Majority of Republicans No Longer See Evidence of Global Warming | Pew Research Center

“We can’t handle the truth anymore” (The Economist) We can't handle the truth anymore

May be such partisan respond correlates with what the electorates wants and expects from their representatives.

In the public opinion, “support” for the global warming often means supporting the programs of not just the reduced greenhouse effect, but, inevitably, increased industry regulations, raised taxes and swollen government spending. It is the popular image ascribed to the aims of the “left”. The popular image ascribed to the aims of the right is, to the contrary, strong and uncontrolled corporations, week governments and, as a result, social inequality and climate catastrophe.

I am not sure, but I think all the votes of the American and Canadian politicians become more and more known to the public. We just all require the political transparency. It’s Ok, but simultaneously, the politicians just have to vote and behave according to the image ascribed. Brave independent steps unpopular with your electorate becomes rare. Otherwise - political death.

I thing the conservative Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper had been rather skeptical to the Climate control programs. But the attacks of the Canadian liberal opposition and critique from over the world seems to have him backtracked.

I think no future president candidate in the USA will be ever able to freely state her or his own thoughts on the climate change issue.