Why would the file name be "to delete"?

Why would the file name be “to delete”? I used to be red, black, orange, pink, etc. Now each of the colour lessons is named “to delete”. What a weird name for a file! Why would a lesson be later on called “to delete”?

@llexier - Could you provide a little more detail on the issue you are having? I’m not sure exactly what you mean…

Lyle, it seems as if the provider of these lessons has chosen to remove them from the site, so the content will no longer be accessible. Since this is up to each individual provider, we can’t really do anything about it unfortunately.

Thank you Alex for explaining why French lesson “red” became the name “to delete”. Other French files also became “to delete” from colour lesson Black or colour lesson Orange etc.

The provider removed all those lessons because she wants to redo them. With a little bit of patience, you’ll have them all back and can enjoy the full palette of colours and the sound of her wonderful voice…

Thank you SanneT. That is great news that the lessons will be put up soon. I indeed have patience while I do a lot of other material in French (Beginner/Intermediate) level. Merci beaucoup!