Why wont this site accept my visa card?

Tried to get help through email link, it no work. Be nice if they tell you why CC is not accepted instead of contact bank. My bank will just say, ya, it working fine. Waste of time. Email help no work. Not really feeling confident about this site.

Just a thought: isn’t it better when people don’t seem to want to take your money? :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I am sure you will get it sorted. The ‘trouble’ generally turns out to be a disagreement between the banks, unless the card is questionable, which yours isn’t.

Hi! We’re only able to pass along error messages that our payment provider passes to us, and unfortunately it’s often a generic message like this. The bank doesn’t typically provide specific detail as to why a transaction is declined unless you contact them directly to inquire about it. Why, I’m not quite sure, but it’s annoying for us too!

Please do try contacting your bank and ask them directly why these transactions were declined. Hopefully, if their customer service is good, they’ll be able to provide a helpful answer, as they’re really the only ones that will know the true reason (since they’re blocking the transaction, not us). Let us know if there’s anything we can help with in this regard!