Why webpage interface looks different on tutorial videos than in reality?

I have problems learning functionality of your site because the site on tutorial videos looks different than in reality. Can you plase advise where can I find the most actual documentation about your webpage functionality.


I suppose there is no such thing as an up-to-date and complete manual on this site. The system is always developing. Just click every button at your own risk, or post your questions before you try.

One important thing to accept is that even though every button on the site was designed to have a specific function, what actually happens when you click them is very much random and unpredictable. I suggest you take the blue pill.

Or the purple pill. Using LingQ has been proven to cause heart burn.

Ohh maintenance tomorrow… new background? better pokemon?

@phi001 - sorry about that! Since our major updates in December, 2013, the site has changed. However, core functionality remains the same. Our current videos will give you an idea about some key functions. Updating those videos is really something that we would like to do in the near future.

“Ohh maintenance tomorrow… new background? better pokemon?”

Stop being sarcastic. Some users (including me) really appreciate colourful backgrounds and pokemon, you know?