Why we Don't have LINGQ app for Windowns phone?

Check below

Hello guys, how are you doing.

This is Lucas From Beautiful Brazil.

As probably you know, a lot of us have to work all day long and sometimes we don’t have the possibillity to access the computer.

It’s been a while since I noticed that at lingq, we just find app for IOS and android.

What you didn’t consider is that here where I live and some other countries, to have an iphone for exemple we probably need sell out a kidney to get it.

I really don’t know how much you should invest to get this APP, but surely a lot of us don’t use IOS or Android.

I hope LingQ has future plans for us , excluded.

Hello Lucas, if you want to get an answer from LingQ Support, please use the Support Forum. That way the Support Team will definitely see your request.

Hi Lucas,
Unfortunately, at this time we don’t have any immediate plans to develop an app for Windows Phone and we are focused on improving Android and iOS apps. But we hope to have Windows phone app available one day!

This is a pitty. My daughter and I would appreciate a Windows Phone app too.

I would too.

I really like Windows phones, but the lack of support for them isn’t uncommon. There’s just not a lot of 3rd party support it seems because Microsoft isn’t making them competitive and prevalent as Android and iOS.

That being said, Samsung Note 4, for the win!

How does LingQ look if you open it on a mobile browser?

The way I see it, the cost for developing and maintaining a Windows phone app is simply unjustified for LingQ and I don’t blame them…
If you have used the app before and it works well for you… just grab a <$100 Android tablet and use the app there. I was a bit hesitant before buying one but since then I have spent more than 300 hours using it. Looking it that way it was worth it. These were 300 hours when I was away from the computer anyway…

Yes, you can get a Kindle Fire tablet new for $50. It should be absolutely fine for Lingq because I am able to use the app on my four year old Nexus 7 with similar specs.

I wouldn’t personally go for the super cheap no-name Chinese ones but realistically, they’ll probably work for Lingq too since it is not intensive at all.

Edit: Not sure if these prices are still valid for people outside the US though. Oops, didn’t think about that aspect.

From my understanding, Brazil is one of the most expensive places in the world to get things like iPhones, which is why I’ve heard of people taking used iPhones and older models and sell them for profit.

I am not sure if Android is the same way.

Heck, if this were the case, we should each pitch in a few dollars to donate a cheap tablet to OP.


Mate, unfortunately here in Brazil there is no type of tablet, ipad or anything like that for less than $ 200. I’ll not talk about Brazil because you probbably know the difficulties to buy electronics here.