Why Not An Interview With Mixergy?

I used to listen to Mixergy some time ago, a podcast where Andrew Warner, its founder, interviews web entrepreneurs.

I don’t know precisely his policy, but it seems he only interviews web entrepreneurs whose companies are fairly profitable, which, according to what I’ve been told, LingQ is not. However, I thought Mark or Steve may try to apply for an interview anyway.

Mixergy’s audience consists of wannabe entrepreneurs, who probably wouldn’t be interested in foreign languages, and (quite possibly) random listeners, who may indeed be. At any rate, a Mixergy interview would most certainly consolidate LingQ’s internet presence.

It’s just a suggestion.

Thanks Adalberto, I just emailed him and we shall see what transpires.

Great! I hope he agrees to an interview with either you or Mark.

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I doubt that we quality. Here is the answer from Mixergy.

What I need is a measurable indication of success to highlight in my interview. And the achievement needs to be something that other entrepreneurs would be eager to sit through an hour-long interview to learn.

Here are some examples from past interviewees:

  1. SlideShare’s founder told us how she got to 32 million unique users per month
  2. FlipTop’s founder told us how he sold 2 previous companies.
  3. SendGrid’s founder told us how his company delivered 1.5 billion emails in less than a year.
  4. DODOcase’s founder told us how he generated $1 mil in sales within a few months.

I see Steve. Well, at least you tried. Eventually, LingQ will become so wonderful that it will have high numbers to boast about.