Why just one video per language?

I just tried to add two Italian videos to an Italian lesson I have created. It seems impossible to add two videos in the same language, even if they are different. Why does this happen?
Meanwhile, I selected Latin for the second video, but I don’t know if Italian learners who are not studying Latin will see it.
Thanks for your attention,

It is, as you say, only possible to add one video per language. In this case, you can either put a URL to the other video in the description area for the Italian video, or you can add the other video as an English video, as English videos will display regardless of the user’s interface language.

Alex, I will follow your advice, but my question was: WHY just one video per language? :slight_smile:

We didn’t anticipate there would be more than one video per language, so it isn’t designed that way. In any case, adding links below the video should be enough to attract the learner’s attention regarding any other videos (in this way, there is no limit on the amount of videos you can point to)

Sure, I didn’t mean it should have been available. I was just asking if there was a reason. Anyway, I have now put the second link in the description field of the first video.