Why isn't there support for Bulgarian to English?

Hi. I would really want to read these texts in LingQ but It doesn’t support Bulgarian translations? Why is that? I’ve read a thread in this forum from 2011 and the administrator said that they will have “very soon” support for Bulgarian language but now It’s 2017 and I don’t see any support for Bulgarian.

Hi pentakillmaybe,
Bulgarian is available as dictionary language. But are you saying that you want to learn Bulgarian? Or you want to learn English and have Bulgarian translations available?

English to have Bulgarian translations available

Bulgarian is available as a dictionary language. You can select it on the Profile settings page: Login - LingQ

Oh yea. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much!!! Are the translations provided by the community?

For most of the words you will see hints created by other users, for some which are still without community translations you will see Google Translate translation, or you can use one of available dictionaries to find your own translation.